Pierre Marle
- Freshwater Biologist - Data Science Programmer - Taxonomist -

About Me

Do not get me wrong! I would love to be a wildlife biologist someday. About 98% of what I do at the moment is in service of that goal, though mostly seated at a desk. Through my journey from discovering fishing as a child, to becoming a freshwater biologist, I graduated from the University of Bourgogne - Franche-Comté (France) and the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

In the time I have been employed in some engineering consultant agencies, I have been able to jump out of rivers, and moutain and forest streams, worked with stereomicroscop in the lab, and electricity for fish sampling in the field to draw up ecological diagnostics to protect and further the interests of rivers. 

Unfortunately, this career path wasn't everything I hoped it would be, but I swallowed the bait hook and I grew a lot within the path of scientific research. I now consider freshwater biology as a career. I think it is important for potential scientists in this field to keep following their passions in fish and aquatic life, as you may still always enjoy and do well in it!  

Currently, as a Ph.D and freshwater biologist, I would encourage you to visit this website to get a sense of how I am using the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my education and experiences to respond to the current needs in aquatic research and freshwater ecosystem management.

Thanks for visiting!